Backless Lingerie Q & A - Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your frequently asked questions about Backless Lingerie.

1. When I wear Backless Lingerie, won't people still be able to see my panty line, especially if I wear tight jeans?

2. Without a waistband, wouldn't they fall down off my hips? How do Backless Lingerie stay up?

3. How did you come up with the idea for Backless Lingerie?

4. Are the straps uncomfortable?

5. Can I wear a panty liner with Backless Lingerie?

6. How do I know when I have properly adjusted the leg straps?

  1. No, no matter what, Backless Lingerie are completely. invisible! The unique straps on Backless Lingerie nestle in the space between your thighs and buttocks, conforming naturally to the shape of your body. This also means that your panties stay concealed right where your jeans crease below your buttocks.

  2. It's natural for those who haven't worn these new fashion panties to worry that they might fall down. You will quickly find, however, that Backless Lingerie fit like a glove. Because your thigh is narrower at the top than at the bottom, Backless Lingerie always sit comfortably right where they should, conforming snugly to any body shape.

  3. The inventor of Backless Lingerie, noticed the growing trend for extremely low cut jeans. When she asked girls what they were doing to conceal their panties, she was shocked to learn that they preferred not to wear any underwear at all rather than risk revealing it. That's when she came up with the ultimate solution - comfortable panties that don't blow their cover.

  4. In fact, Backless Lingerie are much more comfortable than thongs or g-strings. They don't wedge, crawl or shift, so you will never find yourself adjusting an uncomfortable or misplaced string. Naturally, with any new undergarment, you will go through an adjustment period - but once you get used to Backless Lingerie, you won't want to wear anything else.

  5. Absolutely. Just like other types of women's underwear, Backless Lingerie has been designed to let you wear panty liners with complete confidence. The panty has a unique gusset, wide enough for panty liners and situated so your panties never ride, shift or wedge.

  6. When you first put on a pair of Backless Lingerie, the leg straps should be snug, but not tight. Adjust the straps so that you can move easily without feeling constrained. Of course, you will feel the straps at first - this is part of getting used to a new undergarment. But soon they will conform to your body and you won't even know they are there! See How to wear Backless Lingerie for more information.