The Invisible Revolution:
No Panty Lines, No Visible Thong . Ever!

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Wear anything, anytime -- in complete comfort.
Designed by a woman, Backless Lingerie was crafted to enable fashionable girls to wear anything . from low-cut jeans to evening gowns . with class, comfort and confidence.

The Backless Lingerie undergarment is specially designed with adjustable leg bands that lift and flatter your bottom. Simple and discreet, these leg bands also hold Backless Lingerie in place, removing the need for an uncomfortable and revealing g-string.

Backless Lingerie is available in Lace or Cotton-lycra, in a range of colors.

Show your assets, not your panties!
Now you can buy panties that never reveal themselves. The panty line is almost completely invisible, no matter what you wear.

Unprecedented comfort
Unlike thongs, Backless Lingerie doesn't ride, wedge or shift. Their soft straps sit snugly below your buttocks, enabling complete freedom. Show your best side at its best - in total comfort.

How to wear Backless Lingerie

It's easy!

  • Step into your Backless Lingerie and pull the leg bands around each hip.
  • Place the leg straps in the crease below your buttocks.
  • Tighten the leg straps so that they gently grip the tops of your thighs.

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